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Tax law

The tax law department at Alexen provides its clients with a high level of expertise in connection with their personal, economic or patrimonial considerations.

Alongside companies or individuals, the tax lawyers at Alexen are the architects for the clients’ entrepreneurial or patrimonial projects with an open approach to the other legal (civil law, commercial law…) or non-legal (accounting, IT…) disciplines, whilst integrating the supranational standards, in particular European law.


The tax department at Alexen is involved in corporate or individual taxation, but also in real estate, international or agricultural taxation:

  • To secure the implementation of projects:

Group structuring and securitization of intra-group relations.
Structuring of professional or patrimonial investments.
Company restructuring (mergers, de-mergers, partial transfers or assets).
Preparation and organization of transfers or assets.

  • To optimize the management of tax obligations:

Preparation, registration and follow-up of authorization requests.
Spot audits of tax statements (VAT, corporate tax).
Assistance with income tax or personal asset statements.

  • To accompany the litigation procedures with the tax administration:

Preparation, drafting and registration of tax rescripts.
Negotiation of settlements with the tax administration.
Management of verification procedures, complaints before the administration and litigation before any Tribunals, Courts and Commissions.