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Alexen’s International Department is acting in all kinds of complex international transactional, litigation and arbitration operations.

The working and trust relationships developed by Alexen with a large number of associated foreign law firms also allow us to be involved in international transactions whenever a legal assistance abroad is required.

Resolutely focused on international expansion since its creation, Alexen has an expertise to assist French companies in their setting up and development abroad, as well as European and foreign companies (in particular North American) in their development and follow up activities in Europe and in particular in France.

The opening of the Brussels office in 2014 reinforced the Firm’s international dimension.

Thanks' to our close professional connections with numerous independant law firms worldwide, our firm is able to offer to our clients a high level of local expertise in many countries.

Alexen’s strategy is two-fold: (i) to assist our clients abroad, either through our own offices or in the ccollaboration with foreign law firms with which we maintain well-established working relationships and (ii) to offer to clients of these foreign law firms competent and effective legal and judicial support u=in French and European law.