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Intellectual Property – New Technologies

The Intellectual Property & New Technologies department is involved in all the legal and judicial areas relating to the running and operation of companies (small and medium-sized businesses, companies governed by private law or public law, mixed-economy companies…), in the principal mission of intellectual property and/or new technologies, but also in cooperation with the other departments of the firm.


The Alexen expertise is recognized in the principal areas of intellectual property (patent, copyright, trademark, etc.) and new technologies as well as in the related area of competition law:

  • Legal advice

Legal opinion in the area of intellectual property and/or new technologies.
Drafting and negotiation of agreements relating to intellectual property assets (transfer, license, distribution agreements, etc.).
Assistance with the valuation of intangible assets.
Drafting and negotiation of agreements in the IT and/or telecommunications sector (IT development, maintenance, IT outsourcing, distribution, etc.)
Drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements or partnerships.
Setup of contractual solutions for e-business in B2B or B2C (general terms and conditions of sale, conditions of use, distribution or affiliation agreements, etc.).
Transfer or acquisition of businesses, in particular, on-line activities
Audit of intangible assets.
Support for the firm’s merger-acquisition activities.
Employee cyber-monitoring.

  • Pre-litigation & litigation

Infringement actions.
Cybersquatting of domain names.
Issues of promotional hyperlink texts, in particular Google AdWords.
Contractual liability for activities and projects in IT, telecom and the Internet.
Tortious liability for technical intermediaries.
Media law (defamation/libel).

Alexen also draws strength for certain missions, from a firm of consultants in industrial property, in particular for the management of industrial ownership titles across the globe, as well as from specialized foreign partner firms.