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Business law

The business law department is involved in all legal areas relating to the activity and operation of SMEs / SMIs. It also offers appropriate and tailored solutions to complex issues of multinationals.

Its responsive teams are always attentive to the Firm’s clients’ needs to recommend the most appropriate solutions, on the grounds of trustworthy relations.


Alexen has renowned expertise in the main areas of business law:

  • Companies – Mergers / Acquisitions
    • Company incorporation – legal follow-up of companies and of standard transactions.
    • Equity financing.
    • Transfers of company control – restructuring.
    • Group structuring – mergers / acquisitions – investment reclassification.
  • Commercial
    • Commercial leases.
    • Businesses.
    • Bankruptcies.
    • Commercial contracts.
  • Competition – Distribution – Consumer related issues
    • Anti-competitive practice.
    • Concentrations.
    • General conditions (sale and purchase) and restrictive practices.
    • Distribution networks.
    • Consumer-protection rules.

The wide range of skills of Alexen, in liaison with the other departments of the Firm, enables it to carry-out in an integrated manner all steps of restructuring, transfer, acquisition and investment operations for our clients, whether it concerns an acquisition audit or the tax and financial organization of a project and of course, the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the operation, including the drafting of the required documentation.

The work and trust relations developed by Alexen with numerous foreign partner law firms also enable us to be involved in operations with an international dimension, or which require legal assistance from abroad.